Secret CLUSTERS Chapter (SPOILER ALERT) – and RP Game Announcements

You heard about it on my fan page! There’s a secret CLUSTERS chapter out there now. If you want to get your hands on it, then make sure to check out RPGlory’s fan page for an update on their indiegogo campaign.

The chapter is Lorraine’s shortly after Ethan Franco visits her and her last moments. tumblr_mikethDo8v1s5sgazo1_500


She cocked the gun, the double clicking sound of the shotgun shell lodging into the smoothborne barrel of the gun loud enough that an intruder would hear it – the reason she chose a shotgun in the first place. She wasn’t taking any chances. After all, she knew more than anyone that an alarm system and a watchdog didn’t provide the safety and comfort one would think.

Her heart hurt with the memory of her lost nephew – vanished only two feet from where she stood now.

Her breathing was shallow as she gripped the gun tightly between her two hands. It was a monster compared to her small frame. Yet, only provided a small measure of reassurance. Seven years earlier, she would’ve trusted the police, the gun, the sound of the alarm system on her home being set – but today, today she felt like she were in an all consuming void waiting to take her away too…


Please join me for a live online role-playing session set in my novel Clusters: Case of the Missing. During the event you will have a chance to uncover for yourself some of the mysteries only hinted at in the book. This game is appropriate for people who have never tried a role-playing game before, as well as experienced gamers. Player slots will be available as a perk in’s upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Register at or sign up for their mailing list ( to be among the first to be notified when the campaign goes live.

If you’ve read Clusters, which missing case is the most intriguing for you that you’d like to see a chapter from?

Phoenix Comicon

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Phoenix ComiCon is right around the corner.

Here’s my schedule and hope to see you!

but first... a gif.

but first… a gif.

I’ll have a table (will post the table number once I get it, but it will be on the third floor where the signings and photo opps are) I’ll also have some book signings in the main exhibitor hall. Again, will post that info once I get it.

I have 4 panels as well: Ancient PAntheons: Whose God is it Anyway? Friday @ noon.
The Sexy Side of Ancient Greece (18+ panel) Friday 7:30pm
How To Care For Your Magical Creatures: Not to be confused with Ms. Rowling’s work… Saturday 10:30 am
What is Halloween? the Origins of creatures, customs and the day itself. Saturday 7:30pm


And last, but certainly not least – You will get to see a glimpse of Isle of Otta on the two blades being auctioned Saturday for Kids Need to Read. The story has been transformed by 18 local artists who each have created their own panel representing the story.

Black Eyed Children


Black-Eyed Children sightings Began in 1988, now there have been over a thousand sightings and encounters all around the world. They’ve been seen knocking on doors and tapping on windows, asking to be let in or use the phone. It appears that they can’t enter your house unless you give them permission… So don’t let them in!


tumblr_n01bop0va11t4o62mo1_250Ok… seriously? I can’t write crap this scary. Thought Catalog is a radio show that had some callers post their stories – here’s one of them.

I had my one and only encounter with a black eyed kid. Before my experience i had never heard of anything having to do with the black eyed kids. I was 12. I was sitting outside of a hairdressers in a old Chevy pickup waiting for my mom to get her hair cut. About 15 minutes had passed and I saw some kid walking back and forth along the sidewalk in front of my parked car. At first I thought I recognized him as one of my friends from school so i banged on the front windshield until he looked my way. It was not anyone i knew. At this point I was not scared at all. Not yet. The boy walked over to the side of my care and just stares. I think to let me get a good look at his eyes. To freak me out. Let me tell you.. If you have never seen a black eyed kid.. you have no idea what to imagine. Pupils black as the night sky. The boy whispers “You must let me in” and then i locked the car doors and ducked down into the space below the seats. Five minutes later he was gone. When my mother got into the car she told me a boy with black eyes had came into the hairdressers had insisted for my mother to give him the keys to the car. She refused……thank God she did.

Um… WHAT?! This scares me. I’m not even kidding.

Here’s another one that really set me on edge. I apologize ahead of time for putting this story in your head. But hey… you’re my readers and well.. here it goes:


Last night was like any other night, I was switching between listening to music and watching youtube videos with one headphone in so I can hear my infant daughter if she cries, that way my wife can get a full nights sleep (she works at 4am at the hospital every day). When I decide to go lay down in the spare bed in the babies room..

Just as I dosed off I heard a thumping coming from the front porch, startled at first I open my eyes wide and scan the room. Realizing it was most likely my cat scratching himself on the front porch I dose back off. Then again, the thumping. “Damn cat” I got out of bed to run him off the porch only to see he wasn’t there any more, now that I was up again I wasn’t the least bit tired. I figured I’ll just get some tea and check Facebook while I’m up, maybe finish the web series I was watching on youtube..

a few minutes into the video I felt the sudden urge to look up at the kitchen window, there they were..

the tops of two short statured peoples heads cresting the stairs just above my window frame. The people were just short enough to not see in the window but I could see out. I heard no footsteps on my porch as my stomach turned.. but the knock, the knock was a steady hollow thump. The very same thump I had just blamed on my cat. Deciding it was best not to answer I shut my laptop and crept by the door back to the babies room..

I assumed it was some of the people from the low income housing across the road from me that were high or hiding from the cops or maybe looking for my cousin who stays with me often and has many friends over there. The last thing I needed was to try to explain to two stoners that I was trying to sleep even though it was 2am.

It wasn’t until I got to my daughters room that the creepiness set in. The thump had moved from the kitchen to the bedroom windows.. both windows, a room apart thumping in perfect time. These stoners were going to wake up my daughter if I didn’t run them off now. Pissed off I went out to the kitchen, unlocked and opened the door ready to run around to the side of the house and kick some little idiots ass.

It happened then, standing there looking up at me were two 10 or 11 year old boys. The feeling of dread and the smell of mold almost made me vomit.. the smaller of the two then spoke “May we use your telegraph?” Huh? I just stared blankly at these boys, horrified of what I then realized.. their eyes were pitch black. He asked again to use my “telegraph”.

There wasn’t a sound to be heard no crickets chirping, no dogs barking, no cars driving by.. nothing. I tried to play it cool and ignore the fact that he didn’t say telephone, or phone, or cell.. anything that would have made any sense of the situation and calmly replied “I don’t have service at my house sorry.” The expressions on their faces turned to rage as I finished my sentence. Swiftly I shut the door and locked it as quickly as I could, then stumbled back to protect my daughter. I picked her up from her crib and held her close, the fact that she didn’t wake up freaked me out the most but I managed to gather my senses enough to make sure she was still breathing and warm.. everything seemed okay with her.

The thumping on the windows was back, I dropped to the floor as close to the wall as I could and held my little girl in my arms and wept like a child.. I felt helpless and afraid. I lied there for what felt like hours and hours crying and shaking until I heard it, my wifes alarm clock. The thumping stopped the instant the alarm went off and I crept into the master bedroom with the baby. “Whats wrong with you?” My wife asked… “I just had a bad dream” Is all I could mutter out. “okay well give me the baby so I can feed her before work.” I handed my wife the baby and she fed her like any normal day.. I turned on every light in the house and made coffee for her. For some reason just having her awake calmed my nerves enough to pretend like nothing happened.. I walked her out to the car nervously with the baby in my arms.. I asked her not to leave until I walked back in the house. She was put off by the request but did so to humor me. Once I was safely in the house I locked the door again.. and in the house I sat horrified until she got home. I insisted we go to the next town over and stay the weekend at my brothers house… and here I sit horrified while she sleeps in the guest room with my daughter. Wondering why they stopped when the alarm went off.. I think I know the answer. I was aware of BEKs she wasn’t. Every story I’ve read about them is from someone who already knew about them. Maybe, Just maybe knowledge of them existing is the only reason they visit..

I’m afraid and I’m sorry.



According to Creepypasta Wiki (yes, that’s a real site) this is the story on BEK.

Black-Eyed People (sometimes called Black Eyed Children or Bek) are young people, often children, with eyes that are solid black with no differentiation between sclera, pupil, or iris, and are occasionally reported to have blue or bluish tinted skin like that of a corpse. Those who report encounters with them often feel that the children were somehow supernatural and extremely dangerous though they could not explain why.

Often they can be seen playing games and singing the nursery songs “old man long legs” or “he jumped into a bramble bush” in abandoned, or near deserted areas, sometimes the reports talk of them appearing at ones doorstep usually alone or in a pair. They appear to be unusually confident yet shy children who avoid your gaze and look down hiding their eyes, but speaking with an eloquency far beyond their apparent age. Often using the mannerisms and speech patterns of an adult, they occasionally possess the voice of an adult. They will usually attempt to talk the victim into allowing them entry into their home to use a telephone or to be safe from some unspecified danger. Occasionally when seen outside the home they will immediately stop their play and stare at you, or if possible approach you asking for a place to stay or trying to talk you into giving them a ride home. Often, people begin to agree to their requests against their better judgement, even though the request will seem vaguely unsettling, without realizing why it is. Should you discover that their eyes are completely black, the children become very angry and insistent on you complying with their demands. Some people who have encountered Bek feel that the children may have been using some form of low-level mind control to get them to comply.

Experiences involving the Bek generally do not explain the cause of the children’s eye color or the origins of the children themselves. Sometimes thought to be the spirits of lost or murdered children the Bek are thought to be harbingers of ill will and personal doom. The encounters frequently emphasize that the children must be voluntarily admitted or invited into the house or car in question, and in this way are reminiscent of some vampire legends. However it is unspecified what happens should you comply with their demands as no reports of the Bek have included that happening, possibly indicating the death of those that comply.



So… question – have you guys had any encounters with BEK or no one who has? Post them in the comments.

so what do you think? Urban Legend? Something more? Let me know!


Purchase my Books in Bitcoin!

I’m happy to announce that I will be the first novelist to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment for my signed books! On February 1st you’ll be able to visit my website and purchase a signed copy of any of my books there and pay with Bitcoin! I’ll also keep my Paypal options as well, of course!

If Richard Branson, one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world, is accepting Bitcoins, then why can’t I? The competition in my world is thick and I know that by accepting Bitcoin, I’m opening up new possibilities — not just for my readers — but for Bitcoin users.


More Music for Moonlight 3 & Teaser

Moonlight 3 is just around the corner and I’m putting on the final touches. Here’s some music that’s been guiding me through – it should give you a good sense for the feel of the back.

Let me know in the comments which one’s your favorite and if it gives you an idea of what’s to come!

Bloodstream by Stateless 

Crave You by Flight Facilities

Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood 

Broken by Lauren Hoffman

New Slang by The Shins

Guantanemera by Zucchero (for the Rome scenes)

Muio Per Te by Zucchero  (for the Rome scenes)

Dune Mosse – Zucchero (for the Rome scenes)

And – a little teaser: 

The night was intoxicating and I was riding a post-wedding bliss. The ocean breeze cooling against our smoldering wet skin — the champagne, strawberries, and chocolate – the whispers of promises and love and then the silence when we just lied together naked, tangled in sheets. I felt like a part of him had gotten into my bloodstream, floating around through my heart – as cliché as it sounded.  

November 2013

December 2013

P.S. Stay tuned for the cover release of Moonlight 4 in my next post!

Sun Gate teaser

He looked into her eyes, the intensity of his gaze catching her off guard. He searched, and for a fleeting moment, she saw the old William—the William who left her breathless and him without restraint. She knew she saw it. Her heart ached in his presence, but it ached more without him.

“Carter, I don’t want to be with you,” he simply said, without a hint of emotion on his face. “It was fun, there was chemistry, but you’re…” his breath caught. “We’ll get each other killed. I know what happened in that cabin that Jibril had you in. Jack got you out. When we were together, I almost got you killed in the process.” Carter just stared at William, blinking at him, not knowing how to respond. She searched his eyes for some truth, but they were just empty reflections.



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CopperCon Schedule

Hey Guys!


Look forward to seeing you all there!!


Sun Gate Teaser



Although John and Jack only hesitated for a split second it still felt like slow motion. John turning to Carter, yelling at her to duck down as he drew his gun. She understood him and even felt as though she had moved the instant he yelled to her. Yet, she couldn’t move fast enough. In reality, everything happened in just a few terrifying seconds. But, those five seconds might as well have been five years for all the good their speed did. Death would be breathing down on them regardless.
Carter heard the sharp pop and shattering of glass instantly and she knew they were close to the danger — too close. She felt completely exposed as she was unable to get her bearings or a grip on the chaos rapidly consuming the air around them. She vaguely realized that John and Jack were both yelling above the noise. At least she thought she heard them both. Because looking back, she realized it was just her mind playing tricks on her – a coping mechanism of some sort. Her mind lying to her.

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Sun Gate Cover Reveal


One of my favorite things about indie authors is that everything you see, from the cover art to the the editing to the blurbs – is under their thumb. The book is a complete creation from that author. With a traditional publisher this isn’t always the case and as a reader, I’m often left wondering how much of the book is still from that writer.

It’s one of the main reasons I chose to independently publish the rest of the Bohemian Grove trilogy. I wanted complete control over it and the design. So, this is one why I’m so beyond thrilled about the cover of Sun Gate. Although the Bohemian Grove cover was my design as well, it was something that happened at the last minute. There’s something about having a book be completely yours that changes things –  It has become my baby.

Jason Vollario, my go-to guy for awesome graphic designing, and I have been chatting about this cover for a few months now and yesterday we hit the drawing board. 8 hours later, and after many drafts, we got our cover. I can’t imagine working with anyone else on this. He is not only a brilliant designer, but he is a brilliant business person who listens and is super patient.

I was a little concerned about revealing Carter’s face. As a reader, I’m not a fan of covers that show a real person because it sort of takes away from the experience of imagining a character for me. But, Carter is such an integral part of the story that it would almost be blasphemous not to have her on the cover. After all, we get a sneak peak of her silhouette on the Bohemian Grove cover. Now, we get another teaser with more of her face. But, enough of her features are hidden that we can still let our imaginations have some fun. Besides, seeing those green eyes is really bad ass.

Carter and friends do a lot of traveling in this book and you see two of the main locations on the cover; Alaska and Egypt. (The book starts in Peru). However, it wasn’t just a matter of throwing some locations in there and a face – there was a lot of manipulation with colors and placement. Her eye is directly over the pyramid tip, giving a subliminal illusion of the all-seeing eye. The tips of the pyramids glow golden. (For those that follow the theories of the Anunnaki will appreciate the ‘gold’ symbolism.)

The colors lend an air of mystery, darkness, and adventure to this book – all of which will be found in the story itself. All in all, the cover turned out better than I hoped and imagined. I really hope you, my readers, love it just as much as I do.

As for the story itself. Bohemian Grove took me 4 months to write and Sun Gate has taken me 15 months. Granted, it’s nearly twice as long – but there was a lot of pressure I put on myself to make sure I did the story justice. Bohemian Grove was a simple story with a simple plot. Sun Gate becomes more complex as more elements and enemies are introduced to the story. I found myself constantly balancing between over-doing it and under-doing it. The balance was hard to find and that’s what took me so long to write.  I’m predicting that Nibiru will be somewhere in between Bohemian Grove and Sun Gate as far as difficulty. Mostly because I already know where I’m going with it, but it will also most likely be even longer than Sun Gate.

Anyway, off to write! Oh – and we have a trailer coming out soon too! WOO HOO!