LepreCon Vlog-Blog and a Really Big Oops… and other stuff.

Before I get to the vlog I feel pretty shitty and let me tell you why. So, last year – I ran this awesome off-a-friend contest and Nikki Hunsaker and Christina Landino won (Christina being the one to be off’d) Well… in the mess of desperately trying to get The Apocalypse to print on time Christina’s name got edited out of the book. tumblr_n3olrdhdzw1rnma1do1_400Big oops. So, first, here’s my official public apology. Fortunately, there is a second edition coming out. (The first prints don’t have the ISBN and have a few mishaps from the rush to the printers) So, the edited out name will be put back in and there’s only a small batch of people who will have the first edition copy. (worth millions in the future maybe??)

So there’s that.


This weekend was LepreCon and I’m still exhausted. It was also the official launch of The Apocalypse , which was AWESOME. Zoe Mora and Elizabeth Zwolsky and Veronica Baxter and Patti Hultstrand kicked butt in getting it going. THank you guys!

Here’s my vlog – Which also has glitches.


Seriously… not my week for getting things right. I need a vlogging camera (if you have any suggestions please post in the comments!) and I promise to get better at vlogging. I need to get over the fact that I don’t think anyone wants to see me on camera or hear me speak and just vlog on. So … hope you enjoy!


So what’s next on the list for me?

This Saturday I’ll be doing a book signing at the Book Shop in Phoenix from 11a-1p and then it’s on to CombatCon in Vegas. I was told I was going to ComiCon Phoenix, but apparently I’ve been forgotten. Ah… to be a small timer. MUST… WORK… HARDER…

Last, but not least. Don’t forget to vote for my book covers! The Apocalypse (in horror) and Sun Gate (in Sci-Fi) are both up for nominations on AuthorsDB

LepreCon – OMG is it already here?

I’m in official panic mode. LepreCon marks the release of The Apocalypse — which we’re still scrambling to piece together. Yes, it’s going to the printers (fortunately a local one) at the very last second. This book is cuhhhhhhrazy!

LepreCon is especially special to me (That sounds funny… especially special.) because it was my first con ever. Wow, what a journey the last year has been. I had no idea what to expect and was like a kid in the candy store – well, a year later and I still am. I’m more excited now than before because now I know people and am excited to see familiar faces, meet more readers (Seriously, I love meeting you guys) as well as see all the awesomeness of the con.

Here are the panels I’ll be on — and I’m definitely feeling pretty humbled to be paneling with these ahhhhmazing folks. I hope you guys can make it! I have 6 panels… count ’em… 6! Plus the book release Saturday night! My books will also be available in the vendor room at one of the tables (I don’t know details yet but will let you guys know as soon as I do) and a book signing. So it will be an AWESOME weekend!




Ancient Aliens


Visitors from outer space have been guiding human history all along – or maybe not. So crazy it could make total sense.

Time/Space Coordinates:

FRI 2pm C


T. M. Williams; T. L. Smith; Michael D’Ambrosio


TV Round-up


It will be until August before there is a new episode of Dr. Who. What shall we watch in the meantime?

Time/space Coordinates:

FRI 5pm B


Ed Pulley; Tina Williams, Etayn Kollins


World Building By Design

[moderated panel]

In a world where everyone is building their own world, how do you stand out? Our panel will discuss the nuts and bolts, coherent design, and scale of vision of creating imaginary places that we want to visit.

Time/Space Coordinates:

SAT 10am A


MOD: Normalene Zeeman

Daniel Davis; G David Nordley; TM Williams; Sharon Skinner


Alchemy of Cover Art

[moderated panel]

We do actually judge a book by its cover; all kinds of marketing data says so. So what makes for a good cover? That’s driven as much by magic as it s by data.  Our panel will try to help you discover where that magic might come from.

Time/Space Coordinates:

SAT 4p B


MOD: Laura Brodian Freas Beraha;

Jacinda Buchman;Gilead; Patti J Hulstrand; TM Williams; Keith Desesare


Advanced Steampunk

[Moderated Panel ]

You get that steampunk is a real genre,and there’s more to it than gluing gears to stuff. Good. Here’s your chance to plunge into the smoke with our experts and talk about the deeper themes, emerging tropes and possible future of our imaginary past.

Time/space Coordinates::

SUN 11a A


MOD: Randall Whitlock

Gail Carriger; T.M. Williams; DB Riley


Apocalypse How?


How do you think it will all end? Fire? Ice? Zombies? Robots? Nuclear war? Alien invasion? Does Vegas have odds for these things?


Time/Space Coordinates:

SUN 1pm C


Hal C Astell; T. M. Williams; T. L. Smith; Michele Ellington; Sharon Skinner

EDIT: Thanks to my awesome publicist who saw this post and responded with info right away (I told you she rocks) Readers can find T.M. Williams books at LepreCon in space#C-4, the AZ Publishing Services booth, right inside the dealer room doors in the double space. We will have book shelves with all these books for your perusal. 


LepreCon 39

LEPRECON 39480415_10151341374698790_745574662_n

I’m glad I had this experience. Though LepreCon 39 was extremely small compared to other science-fiction conventions, it was worth it all. I got to dip my toe in the pool and get a feel for what it’s like. Although I had been to the Star Trek convention it never occurred to me how much I would love a science-fiction convention. I guess I mostly expected comic books, costumes, and the aspects of sci-fi that I was never really into. I was pleasantly surprised.


The panels I spoke on ranged from marketing to science-fiction in children’s lives to conspiracy theories. Though the last panel (ancient aliens and conspiracy theories) was disastrous, the other 3 panels were fantastic. I met and spoke with some incredibly intelligent people from the audience and from my fellow panelists. I expected snooty authors who were closed off and unapproachable (after all, I’m just a newbie in the biz) – what I got was really friendly, engaging, and personable new friends.

It was refreshing to have conversations about literature and film to the degree that most people don’t want to discuss. What I found was that I was at home, among like-minded individuals who think outside the box and just like to have fun. Life is too short to take too seriously.


Now I see why these con’s are so addicting and why people go to so many. I’m hooked – add this to my list of my geekdom repertoire . Besides, where else can you say things like “the leadership of Kirk and Picard are so vast yet show us socially what kind of leaders are out there.” – and have people jump right into the discussion without missing a beat?

ComiCon is in just a few weeks here in Phoenix and I’m looking forward to experiencing it as a fan this time around instead of a participant. Taking it in, in all its glory.


I’ll be a participant at the CopperCon here in August and may even have Sun Gate out in time for that. Thanks to all who came and stopped by to say hey to me and to all my new readers! I look forward to seeing you at the next con!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this event on!

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