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Win a Signed Copy of Sun Gate

Fall 2013

Fall 2013


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Carter stared at the dark crimson blood that now covered her palms. The reality was gone. Kneeling on the floor, she stared at his body, which lay motionless and cold—gazing in disbelief as his vacant eyes stared forever into the distance, at nothing, forever.

“You killed him,” John whispered.

No one can be trusted in T.M. Williams’s heart-pounding new novel, Sun Gate. The second book in the popular Bohemian Grove trilogy finds Carter doubting everything she thought she knew while knee deep in the Peruvian jungle.

Carter, a descendent of the alien race Anunnaki, is in the fight of her life. The only one with the potential to communicate with the Anunnaki on their home planet of Nibiru, Carter’s survival hangs in the balance. She is being targeted by the Vaticates, also known as the “protectors of the faith,” whose existence relies on the suppression of the Anunnaki. Discovery of the Anunnaki would ultimately lead to the end of religion and faith, and the Vaticates will stop at nothing until the only link between this world and the Anunnaki is killed.

Before the Vaticates can be stopped, however, Carter must first find exactly how to communicate with her alien ancestors—a quest that ultimately must take her to the ends of the Earth. Complicating matters further is Carter’s romantic feelings toward two of her travel mates, William and Jack. The tension between the three of them is palpable, making an already difficult situation even worse.

But a shocking death soon sends Carter into a spiral of grief and depression. She must force herself, however, to continue the journey to understand the Anunnaki’s existence.

Their travels around the world take them everywhere from Peru to Chicago to New Mexico and all the way to Egypt. Along the way, Carter and her team discover that the only way to communicate with the Anunnaki is through a hole into another dimension. This sets them off on a trip to Sun Gate, where Carter is finally able to communicate with those on Nibiru.

But as they move closer toward stopping the Vaticates once and for all, Carter discovers that everything is not as it seems. No longer sure who is trying to help her or kill her, she must find the truth before it’s too late.

A fascinating science-fiction adventure packed with alien philosophy and conspiracy theories, Sun Gate will leave fans on the edge of their seats for the exciting Bohemian Grove finale.

Off a Friend Contest 2013!


Nominate a friend or loved one to be off’d in Masochists!

By nominating a friend or loved one you both agree that their full name can be used in the novel, Masochists.

3 winners will be chosen.

What you win! Winner’s nomination will be used and killed off in the book, Masochists.
Winner will receive a signed certificate with their new character depiction
Winner and nominee will also receive a signed copy of Masochists!

Winners will be announced October 1st!


**DISCLAIMER** We are not responsible for any hard feelings or pissed off friends or family that get killed off in Masochists. It’s a work of fiction and if you or someone you love doesn’t have a sense of humor, it’s not our fault. Happy killing!

Sun Gate teaser and Bohemian Grove giveaway

Stan was the first to make it inside the cabin. The phone incessantly rang as if it were urging him to pick up. When he did, only a crackling sound could be heard from the other side, and underneath that layer, a sound that even Stan couldn’t hear. Startling, dark whispers warning them. Warning them of impending death, chaos, and destruction – a warning that no one heard.
The next few hours passed in a whirl and Carter had all but forgotten about that phone call. But it nagged in her mind, struggling to break free. A tickling memory far in the back reaches of her thoughts. Only problem was that she wouldn’t bring that memory forth until it was too late.