T.M. Williams began her writing career by accident when a song inspired a story about a woman named Carter. What started off as a blip of an idea turned into the Bohemian Grove trilogy, a story based on ancient aliens, science, conspiracy, religion, and love.
Soon after the completed manuscript was picked up by Nightengale Press Publishing. Bohemian Grove was released in early 2013.


Photo Courtesy of: Paradise Lane Photography

Since then T.M. Williams has gone on to write Undead Winter, a Kindle Direct Publishing novella as well as being picked up by international award winning film director, Biju Viswanath, to co-write a screen play for his next independent film.

She is currently working on the second installment in the Bohemian Grove trilogy, Sun Gate, to be released in August 2013 and the Undead Winter expansion project, Masochists, to be released in August 2013.

Her writing interests include; science fiction, horror, thriller, suspense, fantasy, and psychological thriller.

T.M. Williams is published by Nightengale Press and Half Light Publishing.

For her website please click here


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying reading what you have done to date! You are very talented and I believe you will go far!

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    Have a Happy Holiday Season.

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