The Children at the Window CURSE

Since I began writing Children at the Window one thing after another has happened that has kept me from writing it. My dad suffered two aneurysms 6 months apart, my publisher and I had a falling out – and by falling out I mean she won’t pay me my royalties and has fallen off the face of the earth -, and twice my program has crashed (on a new computer) deleting two chapters. Did I mention it happened twice? In a row?

Anyway, all it did is made me want to finish it more and if anyone knows me, knows this is the LONGEST it’s taking me to complete a manuscript.
So, I’m convinced this book is cursed – and I can’t make any promises that it won’t bring black eyed children to anyone who reads it.



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  1. Nah. Maybe this is just telling you to slow down and re do? Those two chapters must not have been what the black eyed children wanted! Haha. Hope dad is on the mend!

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