Phoenix Comicon

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Phoenix ComiCon is right around the corner.

Here’s my schedule and hope to see you!

but first... a gif.

but first… a gif.

I’ll have a table (will post the table number once I get it, but it will be on the third floor where the signings and photo opps are) I’ll also have some book signings in the main exhibitor hall. Again, will post that info once I get it.

I have 4 panels as well: Ancient PAntheons: Whose God is it Anyway? Friday @ noon.
The Sexy Side of Ancient Greece (18+ panel) Friday 7:30pm
How To Care For Your Magical Creatures: Not to be confused with Ms. Rowling’s work… Saturday 10:30 am
What is Halloween? the Origins of creatures, customs and the day itself. Saturday 7:30pm


And last, but certainly not least – You will get to see a glimpse of Isle of Otta on the two blades being auctioned Saturday for Kids Need to Read. The story has been transformed by 18 local artists who each have created their own panel representing the story.

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