Book Updates and… yeah I’m still here!

I’ve sucked at updating this blog. I blame the holidays… which somehow didn’t even seem like they happened. Except that they sucked the life out of me for some reason.

Anyway, holidays, field trips, and my son’s birthday (he turned 6!) have come and gone and now I’m back to trying to get back on my feet. (story of my life)

Updates: Clusters review copies have been sent out and the first official reviews have started coming in! WOO HOO! You’ll be able to pre-order on e-books and print pretty soon! OH YEAH!

I’ll have a book signing/tour thing up soon and if you want to be entered into the Goodreads giveaway, click here

I’m back to working on finishing the editing on Bohemian Grove and trying to finish Creed of Anu. Obviously, I’m months behind on this. But, I’m confident it’ll be worth the wait.

And then it’s Children at the Window, the new Viking series, and the rest of my Twisted Fairy Tale collection. Also, Alice HIll willl be getting the interior illustrations soon from Meghan O’Connell and I can’t wait!

Further updates: Alice Hill and my marketing book are both available on Kindle now and will be available on all e-book readers soon. 🙂 There’s been some hick-ups at the publishing house on this but they’re back on track with them.

As for Children at the Window — I think by the title you can tell it’s a horror (at least I hope so) and I’ll be doing a book signing for this in Victorville this Spring/Summer once it’s released since that’s where it takes place. (Thanks ot everyone who voted on this!) It’s a stand alone novel. I like to throw something different in all my books and this book is no exception. I can’t tell you what it is but I think it’ll be my favorite ‘tid bit’ yet! mwa ha ha ha!


  1. Book signing in Victorville?! Can I be a VIP? LOL How exciting! I can’t wait!!

  2. I wish I was closer to your signings =( So much to look forward to! I really can’t wait for Children at the Window (I LOVE horror and thrillers) and Creed of Anu.

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