The Good News and the Bad News :(

As always, I like to start with the bad news so that we can walk away on a good note.

Bad news is Creed of Anu is being pushed back. The release date has changed to March. Since I got the rights back to Bohemian Grove we have been in clean up mode with it and didn’t realize how much work it actually needed. So the good news is we’re going to have a much more awesome Bohemian Grove with a release date of November 29th. (the original Creed date)

The good news is I’m in full swing writing mode with Creed and I think you guys will LOVE it! It’s a solid book and it will be well worth the wait.

Ok… more good news… My marketing book will also be released on November 29th. (busy month) and we have a few more release dates for next years books.

The first book in the Ashmen Chronicles (my Viking adventure 7 book series) which is called Isle of Otta will be out in May. We are in the middle of looking for an illustrator for the covers and have the choices narrowed down to a few really awesome artists. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out which will be the best fit.


Children at the Window will be released in August and the release date for Clusters in February is still solid. The ARC copies will be sent out within the next month and they are hard copies. So if you signed up for an ARC you’ll be notified within the next few weeks if you’ll be receiving a copy.

Also Clusters will be released in hard copy only and we’ll be opening up pre-orders in December/January sometime. I’ll keep you guys posted on this.

I think that’s all! I know you guys are disappointed in the push back on Creed but I promise it’ll be worth it! anigif_enhanced-buzz-28092-1387319131-2

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