Creed of Anu teaser

Something about working on the cover and trailer with Jason over the last few weeks has had my mind on Carter. I miss the girl. I wrote Bohemian Grove and Sun Gate back to back so it’s strange to take such a huge break between Sun Gate and Creed of Anu. It was literally this time last year that I finished writing Sun Gate. A whole year of not writing the trilogy – considering I’ve only been writing for 2 1/2 years – is pretty crazy in T.M. time.

Each line I write is bittersweet. It feels strange to be writing the last book in the trilogy that started this amazing career for me. I’ve grown so much in such a short time as a writer. I almost cringe when I go back to Bohemian Grove to reference it. It’s taking everything for me not to beg my publisher to let me rewrite it. “Let it go” everyone keeps telling me. So I do… or at least I try.

If you haven’t read the first two books and are planning to, then I suggest you don’t read any more after this because this is going to be a spoiler for you.

Ok, if you’re reading this – that means you’ve read the first two books and first of all THANK YOU. Before I give you guys the teaser I want to kind of share a little of what to expect from Creed of Anu without giving too much away. This last book is going to really be for Carter. By the end of Sun Gate she made a bold move and one that sent her on a journey alone. Things change drastically in Creed of Anu because the first two books have been basically leading up to this. Although I’ve taken a year to dive back into this project it’s never left my mind. Every lone car ride, any moment alone I’ve been developing this story in my head and thinking of where I want it to go.

I wrote the ending, but like anything I’ve ever written – it’s up to change. I let my characters talk to me and tell me where they need to go. I have very little control over the way a story unfolds. I had to be recently reminded of this from my publisher/editor — ‘let your characters talk’. I was having a really hard time with Clusters because I was worried about my ending. Then my awesome publisher (This is why it helps to have great people in your corner) reminded me of what I needed to do.

Well, turns out – when I started listening there was one really strong voice coming through and I wasn’t surprised by it at all. Carter was the story that was calling out to me so I’ve been working on Creed of Anu the last few days. Then, hopefully, my Clusters characters will call me back because I need to finish that story.

Anyway, as you guys know – Sun Gate left off with Carter ‘leaving’. If you haven’t guessed by now, she travels to Nibiru. If you didn’t get that by the story, then hopefully the cover gives it away – and the trailer. lol

I’m having a lot of fun with this book. I can honestly say that I don’t think anyone will see what’s coming. Anyway, here’s the first few paragraphs from the first chapter.
Her hands tore through the thickness that felt like braids in molasses. Her lungs burned as fluid filled them. She wanted to gasp for air and the inability shot anxiety and panic through every nerve ending and every cell. The darkness was everywhere. She had no idea what was up and what was down. She was going to die, she thought.

Finally, her hand wrapped around something firm and she pulled herself to it. She briefly felt the cool air kiss her fingertips and her strength shot her the rest of the way to the surface. When she broke through she tried to take a deep breath, but choked and coughed out fluid instead. Her lungs continue to burn as her strength wavered. She could see the sky and it seemed off. It was dark, but not the darkness she was used to.

Violets and blues colored the darkness in waves, like she had seen the one night in Alaska not too long ago.  Not far in the distance was an ebony shore and she swam to it with great difficulty. This wasn’t water. It looked like it, but it was thicker. She thought of quick-sand and pushed the thought quickly away, not allowing panic to swallow her. When she got to the shore she half expected toExcept, this wasn’t like the Northern Lights in Alaska. This was much, much different. The colors were deeper and vibrant. It seemed like it’s own entity instead of a reflection. sink through the charcoal sand but collapsed onto it with relief. At least this felt normal. She choked out the rest of the liquid and then finally lay there under the strange night sky. It was then she realized just how different this was.

“I’m not in Kansas anymore,” Carter whispered to herself. Alarmed by the hoarseness of her raw voice.

She looked up at the two moons in awe. One was so large she felt like she could reach out and pluck it from the sky like a basketball. The other was much smaller or much further away, she couldn’t really tell. Sand colored swirls and lines wrapped around the circumference of the large moon. Carter squinted until she realized she could see the swirls shifting slightly. She knew she could lay there forever, watching the strange sight.

It was so strange, yet so familiar.

“Home,” she whispered again, relieved to hear her voice sound less hoarse.



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