Writing Clusters – Music Share – lots of updates

Before I start, I have to say I find the new WordPress awful. I have no idea what I’m doing here! 

Okay, so some updates. A lot has happened in the last few weeks… like… a lot. 

First, I signed with AZ Publishing Svcs who is taking on … wait for it… 4 books! Woot! Sun Gate — which has been out since November. But, as you guys know, is self-published. Soon you’ll be able to pick up Sun Gate on pretty much all book channels (Same as Bohemian Grove). Which is awesome because I know some of you haven’t been able to get it on Nook and other avenues like you wanted. AZ Pub is also picking up Creed of Anu, the third and final book in the trilogy. :: tears :: We also have a release date of November 28th for Creed. Yikes! AZ Pub also took on The Apocalypse, which is out already as well and my first non-fiction book. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of sales and marketing, which is also due out this fall. 

There’s also a couple of other things going on behind the scenes right now that I can not WAIT to tell you guys about. But, we all have to hang in there and I’m not saying anything else because … I’m not allowed to. 😦 

Ok… now for Clusters. If you follow my blog and page you guys know that Clusters is a book that’s pretty much my baby. It’s Paranormal True-Crime / Mystery and is a genre I’m really coming to love. Unfortunately, this book is going to be a while before it’s in my readers hands because I’m shopping this one with a big house because I think that’s where it belongs. (AZ pub agrees with this as well) 

So… by the time I finish it, polish it up, and send it off to find a home it’s going to be a while because A. I have to see if anyone actually wants to take this baby on. (Cross your fingers! I have two publishers I have specifically in mind and it would be nothing short of a miracle for that dream to come true.) And by the time they take it on and get it through their own process it could honestly be another 2 years before you guys see it.BOOO!! But, I promise it’ll be worth the wait.  If… it doesn’t get picked up by someone like that, then I’ll bring it back and publish it the way we’ve been doing with my other books. So… in that case, it’ll be out sooner. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep you all abreast of my progress with it and share some snippets here and there. And have no fear, I’m still writing like a maniac and my little boy is actually starting school in August ::: more tears ::: so I’ll have more time to contribute (so I think). Now, Creed of Anu, my non-fiction, and Clusters are my current projects which should all be completely wrapped up by September for me. WOW 

And guess what, that means I actually will start something brand new. I have a couple of projects in mind, some books I’ve started but have put on the back burner. One is a Viking epic tale and the other is a YA Dragon book — and then I actually have a couple of detectives who want to work with me on more true-crime. I haven’t decided what I’m doing after September and will probably have a better idea at the end of summer, but there it is. 

Now, on to other fun stuff. Phoenix ComiCon is this weekend! This is my absolute first comicon EVER. I will be at a table the entire weekend and probably drooling at all the awesomeness happening around me. I’m going to vlog and take you guys along with me of course and I’ll be tweeting the entire weekend so make sure to follow me on Twitter @imtmwilliams 

And then there are a lot of events happening (including a Barnes & Noble book signing and a trip to HawaiiCon!) You can see all that fun stuff on my newly revamped and updated site, http://www.theaccidentalwriter.com 

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a song. So, Clusters is a really dark and tragic book based on some pretty heart wrenching true stories. These stories need to be told and the word needs to spread and I’m doing it the way I know best, by writing my own book. This song, in fact – the entire Ablitzer album – has been my go-to for writing and as you guys know, music shapes my work and is my inspiration. So, I thought I’d leave you with this song because it really does tell the story in its own way. 

And because I can’t figure out this new WordPress yet, I can’t embed the video – so here’s the YouTube link


  1. Exciting and nerve racking! I am thinking when my little starts school, I will be a mess!

    • he’s my only so I’m already a wreck. He’s my little buddy and I love hanging out with him all day. It’s hard not going mama bird on him and keeping him in the nest. 😦

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