Another Inspired Song – Creed of Anu

It’s always been either a dream or a song that has inspired my writing. (except for Clusters, which was inspired by real events)

But, it’s always a song that inspires my best writing and scenes. Tonight is no exception. Since I’ve heard from you, my readers, that you like to hear what songs inspire my writing here’s more to share.

I was driving home from Los Angeles on Saturday by myself on Saturday and nothing like a long, lonely drive across a dark desert to give you time to think. So 6 hours of listening to some pretty fantastic music and guess what happened? I’ve figured out the climax and plots to every single one of my books. Yup… you read that right. Every.Single.One.Of.My.Books

That includes the last 2 books in the Moonlight series, the expanded Undead Winter, Creed of Anu, and Clusters.

Here’s the song that helped me realize the climax to Creed of Anu. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Also – on another added note. I now have a manager and she’s pretty awesome. She’s also the person responsible for getting Undead Winter / Novella to print for the first time – and pretty quickly, mind you.

In case you missed it, Undead Winter – the Novella has gone to print and you can order the signed copy now on my website with free shipping – but it’s for a limited time.

It’s been a crazy month – my mother in law was visiting from Germany for 2 weeks, then my parents came home and my dad had an accident. He fell and ended up with a brain hemorrhage. He’s ok now, but ended up staying with us for a week – (hence a long drive from LA to Phoenix) In fact, I drove him to Los Angeles – dropped him off, got him settled, and then drove right back. Then got home and my son woke up with the flu the next day. So… that’s where I’ve been.

But, my fingers have been itching to write again and like always, I let my muse decide what story needs to be written.

Tonight, I wrote the climax to Creed of Anu and I really really think you guys will love it. I don’t think it’s anything anyone would expect and is really different from anything I have ever read before. We really get taken to an entirely different level in book 3 – because Book 1 and 2 were really just a set up for what’s to come.

For those who’ve already ready Sun Gate you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. P.S. Keep those reviews on Amazon coming!!

Happy listening!


  1. I just love listening to the songs you post and reading how they inspired you or helped you through a part of your books. These can really set the tine as we read them ourselves as well! Thank you!

  2. Also, It really does sound like you have had a crazy month! Glad that all ended up well.

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