Clusters Teaser

Here’s a sneak into the story. Ethan Franco (who doesn’t like to be addressed by his first name) is a journalist who has stumbled across stranger than strange cases of the missing. The more answers he tries to find, the more questions he has —

This story I’m writing is really hitting home for me. As the cover says, it’s based on actual events. I’ve read hundreds of cases of the missing and the more I read, the more mysterious they do become. One thing the cases don’t show is the depth and feelings behind the missing. I wanted to bring them to life, so-to-speak, – their stories are ones that people need to hear. So, I’m sharing them in the best way I know how – as a story teller.

Ethan Franco is a journalist with tough skin. But there’s another part to him, one that he rarely shows to the outside world. It’s in moments that he is by himself, doing what he does best – observing and investigating – that we see who he really is. This is one of those rare moments and one that is making me really like this character I’m writing. He is flawed and he is real in so many ways. I think many of us will see a part of us in this man when you read him in my book.

I hope you enjoy this teaser!



He walked over to the kitchen table where two chairs faced each other on either side and noticed the one chair had wear around the seat while the other didn’t. Lorraine’s chair, he decided. When he walked over to the other chair he noticed, for the first time, in faded crayon, the name, “Tyler” in the handwriting of a young child. Franco frowned as he ran his thumb involuntarily over the boy’s name. This was Tyler’s chair, the only thing left of him after the seven years since his disappearance.

For whatever reason, Lorraine had gotten rid of all signs of Tyler, except for his chair at the breakfast table. Franco imagined her sitting every morning, for the past seven years, across from Tyler’s empty chair. That was her moment to connect, her moment not to forget. Franco felt like he was intruding on personal thoughts of Lorraine’s he was never meant to have. Yet, he couldn’t pull himself away.

The sadness that enveloped him was overwhelming but he wanted to feel it, let it engrain into himself. He could almost picture the boy sitting there, eating his bowl of cereal and talking to his aunt. In the depth of the sadness and despair Franco could also feel the love that left it’s residual effect in this tiny corner of a home that no one ever paid attention to.

Franco tucked Tyler’s chair back under the table and gave the kitchen one final look before he finally headed out of the home, an emptiness heavy in his heart.


  1. Your teasers kill me because I just want to keep reading. This is definitely going to be worth the wait!

  2. And I can’t wait for this one either! Christina loves me! Haha!

  3. Love reading all your teasers and they just make me practically drool for more! I am very much looking forward to reading more of your books!

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