Make It Into My Next Book – Share Your Supernatural Story!

Have you experienced something odd? supernatural? paranormal? Share your real life story in the comments below (with as much detail as possible) and your story may end up in my next book! If anything, it’ll make for a great read! All comments are automatically entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

If you refer someone who shares their story and wins, you automatically will win a $25 gift card as well (Separate from story sharing winnings)! So share away! (Person who wins the story to be mentioned in the book is the one who’s referral will get the $25 Amazon Gift Card on as well)

*Contest Rules* No purchase necessary. Must share a personal story that the person has experienced. (This is not a fiction writing contest!) For person who referred you to win, you must state who invited you to this blog via the comment with your story. Winner will be announced at future date. Subscribe to blog to receive notification (subscription not necessary to win)

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  1. This happened when I was in the U.S.Navy, back in the late 70’s early80’s. There was a tour offered to any and all to visit various historical sites in England to the sailors aboard the USS Semmes DDG-18. So I partook of the offer, first stop was touring and just seeing the sites in Portsmith and Salisbury. With the tour ending at Stonehedge and then on to a local pub in West Amesbury.

    Well we get to the entrance and started to walk toward it, I saw off to the East a group of twelve ( 12 ) black hooded figures. The one in front started to beckon to me, as if they wanted to me to join them. The hair rose, it felt like a mile , on my arms the the back of my neck. The next thing I knew, I was cowering in the back of the bus. I never made into the circle. When the tour was over and the guide asked me “Ye saw them didna laddie?” all I could do was shake and nod my head ‘yes’

    He told me ,over a few, pints that those black hooded figures were from , what he called ‘The other side’ and that any one who went that way physically disappeared and then some came back and some didn’t.

    My later research, after I got out of the Navy, was that they were very powerful black magacians from the early 4th centuryad. who corrupted their powers for personal gains/power over the country side. They were either caught and burned at the stake/hung/stoned, depending on the storyteller/historian.

    I have yet to returned to that place, maybe before I check out from this planet I’ll try it again.

    • there’s been a lot of disappearances around boulder fields in generals. It’s one of the things I have been researching for my book, Clusters. Very compelling!

  2. I awoke in a highly agitated state of mind unlike anything I had ever experienced.. Feeling stressed and tense all of that morning, I felt compelled to keep moving, to keep walking around.

    We were planning to leave Jackpot, Nevada, no later than noon. As we got closer to that time, my anxiety increased as a storm of mixed rain and snow was moving through the area.

    I finally told my wife, my brother in law, and his wife that we needed to get on the road. We got all of our luggage loaded into my suburban and started out. Once we were under way, my discomfort subsided and I started to relax.

    We drove until we were about five miles outside of Twin Falls, Idaho. There was a “t” intersection at which we had to stop and at which a slight slope went down to the stop sign. Unfortunately, black ice was on the road, and even though I had slowed down and was braking to stop, the suburban slid a few feet into the intersection where we were struck in the driver’s side by another vehicle. Luckily, there were no injuries but the suburban was totaled.

    This experience was the strangest I have ever had. It was as though we just had to leave Jackpot to get down the road and end up in a wreck.

    • weird! I’ve heard many stories in the opposite – where people’s instincts drove them to safety, not to danger. That’s odd indeed!

  3. I used to work at an assisted living home in my town. The building had been added on to, but the original house which was one of the first erected in the town was still intact.

    It used to be many things but one of the first was a carriage house and inn for our town. Many things are said to have happened over the 300 years it has been standing.

    I have had some instances of the feeling of being watched when no one was around. So much that I had to leave the area because it almost felt threatening.

    Also in the basement area when I was grabbing supplies I felt cold and felt someone, or something push past me through the door even though I was the only one there. I had goosebumps and my hairs were standing on end. In the same basement I saw a woman dressed in an old dress go from one side of the room to a wall that led to the boiler room. She didn’t freak me out nearly as much as what ever pushed me aside though!

  4. This last spring, my sister and I were drinking on the porch of her house in Shawnee, OK. Out of nowhere is this formation of orange lights in a diamond shape. It was coming pretty fast but at the same time slow enough to see it for a while and follow it until it disappeared. The next day we went back to my place in Ponca City, OK and people all over town were talking about seeing it too. When we looked online there were reports all over the world, but no one ever claimed to know what it was. Government never said anything about it either.

  5. I lived with my friend and her family when we were about 17, she lived in a big old house that always creeped me out. She had a younger sister who was about 7 at the time, she used to always talk about these two friends she had, Tim and Tom, she would go out every single day to the bottom of the garden and play with these ‘friends’ we never ever saw anyone so we figured they were just imaginary and left her to it, we slept in the attic that was converted into a bedroom and werid stuff kept happening, I saw a man one night, I would suddenly feel very hot and my friend had dreams about the house setting on fire and us having to rescue her family. We ended up doing some research and it turned out 50 years earlier there had been a house fire, where a man had found out his wife was cheating and ended up trying to kill them, he died in the house and his wife and kids got out, she survived but his two children died trying to be resusatated (sp?) outside in the garden

    • wow – that’s so sad! I’ve also heard that feeling ‘heat’ is also a sign of a negative/malicious entity. (Cold is a sign of harmless or residual entity)

  6. I do not believe what I experienced in the September of 2009, neither do I feel like I need to prove it wasn’t some hallucination or dream to you. In this story, I’ll be saying everything I thought and felt about this experience.
    This event took place in the old house my parents used to live in, before they each got separate houses. It was originally built by an electrician in the early 1900’s as a villa, but when he moved out families started to use it as a normal housing. My parents were the ones to buy it from a rich family in the 90’s. The family consisted of an old man, an old woman, a middle aged man and a girl roughly my age. Although one of the things that bothered me for a while after the event, was how eager they were to sell the huge house for such a small price. They may have been rich, but even in the auction they seemed desperate to be done with the house as soon as they could.
    It was maybe over a week into the September of 2009, and as always it was raining here in Rogaland, Norway. I was going to bed, as any regular student at that time, quite late. But unlike most teens, I would not instantly fall asleep. There aren’t many I tell this, but I have major problems with sleeping. Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of the day easily, but I find it hard to sleep at the night, even to this day. Of course, now I use music to at least tire myself before sleeping, but then, I could stay up for several hours without sleeping. It was on one of these nights, when I was lying on my side staring at the wall that it happened
    My shadow suddenly shifted angle as if a light was shimmering behind me, to the point where my shadow was right in front of me. There were often cars driving beside my window, sometimes shining into the bedroom and reflecting on something there, but tonight was different. There were no car sounds, the light didn’t go away, and before I noticed I couldn’t move. It was as if I was completely paralyzed, and it was then that I noticed at the edge of my vision, a perhaps 2-3 feet wide ball of light hovering inside my bedroom.
    Everything was completely silent for a minute, even the lightning outside my window didn’t make a noise, when suddenly I felt this intense fear take a grip on me. It didn’t feel like I was afraid, in all honesty, I was curious, but for some reason it felt like this fear was being pushed on to me without a choice. It stopped for a little bit, then started again, and again. And suddenly it stopped for an even longer period, and suddenly I got a huge headache. It felt like tons of thoughts and images was going through my brain at intense speeds, and suddenly it stopped. As if I hadn’t noticed the light ball was gone as well. Right afterwards I fell asleep, waking up and pretending it was just a dream, but it wasn’t over.
    The second night I went into my bedroom a little more cautiously. This time I was certain about one thing, and that was I was going to get a proper view of this thing if it were to come back. I laid myself on the opposite side I was lying the other night, and waited. I was still not sleepy, when suddenly, the ball of light popped up out of nowhere in the middle of my bedroom. This time I had a clear view of it, but I was surprised. It wasn’t the same, the one from last night shined blue and hovered aimlessly around my room. This one however, shined red and angrily bounced around my bedroom as if on some rage trip. It suddenly stopped and “looked” at me.
    The same thing was happening now that happened the other night. I couldn’t move, and an intense fear gripped hold of me. This time was different though, now it felt like my muscles were being contracted to the point of it feeling like they were being torn apart. I tried to yell out in pain, but only the sound of air came out of my mouth. It went on for a long time, and when it was over, I wasn’t even able to move. When I woke up and went to school I still felt pain, and several people told me that I looked pale, like I had seen a ghost. I didn’t ignore the possibility, but i thought better of myself than to refer to this experience as the work of “ghosts”.
    The next night, the third night, was by far one of the nights I had most trouble going into my bedroom. Even though, my mind wanted to see what would happen this night, it felt like something was keeping me from exploring further. But even so, I went to my bedroom as always, found a comfortable spot in my bed and waited. It felt like hours had passed, and nothing had happened. “Was that the last time?” I thought. And then as to answer my question, a ball of light appeared.
    It was completely different from the others. This one gave off a calming feeling, even though I still felt fear. It shined with a deep violet color, and moved around almost as if it was timid or shy. I was expecting something different from this ball, but was surprised when almost nothing happened for a while. We just looked at each other. I was about to fall asleep when I suddenly felt a weird feeling. For some reason it felt as if I was being abandoned, even though I knew both my brother and my mother was in the house. It stopped.
    Next I felt as if I was really sad or angry about something. And then it stopped. This went on for what I could only call a long time. It was always a weird feeling of something I was sure of wasn’t happening. Sadness, loneliness, happiness, love. Everything just piled over and made me more and more confused. It was until after a while I realized that I wasn’t scared anymore. Suddenly it felt as if it was completely silent, even though I hadn’t heard anything to begin with. I managed to focus my eyesight back to reality to see the ball of light flicker away almost satisfingly.
    The next night I had too much thoughts about my bedroom, that I decided I would sleep on the couch outside my bedroom, and see if any lights would appear under the door. However nothing happened, and after a while I went back to sleeping in my bedroom, and nothing ever happened afterwards either.

    At least not until now. The reason I’m writing this now for the first time, and showing it to the internet for the first time, is because it feels as if the feelings I had from back when the event happened are coming back. And I’m almost also feeling scared of going to sleep, even now. I’ve heard several stories about similar events, but not one matches up the amount of confusion I have about this happening.
    Another thing to note, was that it was at this time that my grades started going up, and my feelings towards people started to get more realistic. I personally do not want to bind the two things with each other, and I expect you as a reader expect a lot of this to be rather hard to believe. But I still find it hard to relate back to anything that happened before this event, and I even have trouble with memories of how I lived before it happened. All I know is that whatever it is that happened, it certainly had an effect on how I see things today.

    Thanks for reading, I’m out 😛

  7. Wow! Such an incredible story. Thanks for sharing with us, especially since you never have before. The ball of light phenomena is one I’ve heard before but for some reason, isn’t talked about a lot. Very interesting – especially the part about your grades going up and you starting to feel something again. Please keep us posted if anything else happens.

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