Clusters Preview


Case #1

Northern Washington. Lorraine is the aunt of Tyler and she’s watching him and his dog for the weekend while Tyler’s parents are out of town. Tyler falls asleep on the floor watching a movie, his dog sprawled against his legs asleep. Tyler’s aunt, Lorraine, dozes off on the sofa. She’s not worried about anything because there’s a buzzer alarm. Any time a door or window is opened, a buzzer rings.

She wakes up, what she thinks is, 10 minutes later. Tyler and his dog are gone. No windows or doors had been opened.

10 days later the dog returns to the home, completely unscathed and clean. As if nothing had happened. Tyler is never found.

Case #2

Olivia, a 7 year old girl, and her dog Toby, in southern Idaho go missing. Search workers spent 6 days and nights combing through the area. Search and rescue dogs find no trace of Olivia in the woods surrounding the home. There is no evidence of foul play.

On the 6th day while the Sheriff and Olivia’s aunt, who had been raising Olivia, are in the living room when they hear a scratching sound come from Olivia’s room. When they go to her room they hear the scratching coming from the inside of Olivia’s closet. When the Sheriff opens the closet door Toby comes leaping out, barking.

Inside the closet, is a deceased Olivia.

Autopsies show that she had not eaten in 6 days. After searching the closet, the Sheriff’s department determines that she was placed inside the closet just after death.



  1. Poor kiddos =( These cases intrigue me. Will definitely be reading =)

  2. Oh wow I can’t wait for next summer to get this. As a mystery novels book blogger, this one is right up my alley!

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