Bad news and good news

as always – I start with the bad so we can end on a good note.


The bad news? The release of Masochists is being pushed back to January. Unfortunately, the book has become a bigger project than I anticipated. However, this is really good for my readers because I’m taking more time to make sure it’s the book it needs to be instead of pushing through like I can with my other work. As you know, if you read Undead Winter, it is a complex story. Turning it into a full length novel has made it even more complex. I literally have a white board with a map of the characters and their stories just to keep it straight (or twisted, really)

The good news? If you’re a Lisa Sumil reader (my pseudonym for my erotica genre) – this means that the release of Moonlight 2 will be pushed up to mid/end of August instead of September. I have (for the first time in my short writing career) the entire story line already written out before I even really began — so pushing this book through will be easier.


So… stay tuned! Moonlight 2 will be out soon!

I also got word back from my editors and it looks like we’re a max of 6 weeks out from the release of Sun Gate. I’ll be receiving the edits back soon and will do my final read through before sending it back for the formatting and fun stuff. So… Moonlight 2 will be out next, followed shortly by Sun Gate.

Nibiru (the third book in the Bohemian Grove trilogy) is looking like a February/March release and Isle of Otta (The Steampunk novel) Will be out in the spring of 2014.


Happy reading!


  1. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to write so many stories and keep all the characters straight! Thanks for all you are doing. I don’t mind waiting a little longer to read your books!

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