Sun Gate teaser – the Sun Gate


“Is it the Gate? What does it look like?” Amara desperately wanted to see what her friend saw, but there was nothing there.
“Well, it’s more like a threshold, or an archway. It’s golden, and there are carvings on it. Every time I try to see more it fades,” Carter explained. They walked over to where the doorway was but nothing happened. Then, Carter walked back to her old spot and saw it again and as the sun set she saw it clearer. It looked like an arch, but had to be the Sun Gate Amara talked about. With illuminated clarity she saw the carvings in the arch. A carving of two snakes wrapped around a golden rod with golden wings stemming from it – reminding her of the logo of the American Medical Association.
Carter reached her hand out and ran her fingers over the rough carvings and flinched, surprised by its very warm temperature. She took a step forward, now barely outside the threshold.
“Carter, I do not think you should-“
Carter stepped through the threshold and felt the breath sucked from her lungs.

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