Why I Chose To Independently Publish

I’m a published author. So, many people often wonder why someone who’s traditionally published would chose to go the indie route. “Isn’t that a step back?” is a question I always hear.

The answer? No, not if you’re willing to market.. and I’m a marketer and guess what? My publisher isn’t. In fact, after becoming published and doing some circuits with other authors I”m hearing that it’s not just my publisher, but publishers across the realm.

Unless you’re a best-seller then you’re most likely fending for yourself. So why not take matters into my own hands? Thank you Amazon and all the other sites out there that have allowed people to really pursue their dreams and publish their books, sans nay-sayers. After speaking with my publisher (and I’m far from her favorite person right now) and actually asking the question, “why should I work with you and not independently publish?” – she listed off about a dozen reasons. So I took those reasons to my independent publishing house and asked them if they could do everything she listed off – their answer was yes and more. I became excited.

Then I saw the costs. It’s not cheap – In fact, to publish my next two books this summer, Sun Gate (Bohemian Grove Trilogy Book #2) and Masochists (Expansion of the best-seller Undead Winter) The costs will be a minimum of $5000. Ouch?

Well, after speaking to a friend at a recent con that I shared an authors panel with I decided to try Kickstarter. This artist (she does graphics) could seriously not stop raving about Kickstarter. I knew of it, looked into it, but was sold once I spoke to her.

For my friends that know me – they know that I will work until I can’t work anymore, and then keep working, to get what I want. So this kickstarter project? I’m asking for $1000 and my friends and family and awesome fans get to be a part of the project in a major way.

Pledge $25 or more :A signed-copy of Sun Gate, a thank you in the acknowledgements to either you (or for someone you love), and an acknowledgements on author website. *shipping to Canada as well*

Pledge $49 or more: A signed copy of both Bohemian Grove and Sun Gate. Early release copy of Sun Gate and acknowledgements to either you (or for someone you love), and acknowledgements on author website. *shipping to Canada as well*

I’ve been posting teasers here and you can check out my authors site here

So anyway… this is my love, my passion, my life and you can be a big part of it. I have heard through the grapevine that some people are annoyed that I’m not paying for it myself. Well, here’s the thing; I’m asking for a $1000. Just publishing alone is going to cost me around $5000 – and the marketing costs after that is going to be in the thousands alone. So, I’m actually paying for a lot out of my own pocket. I thought this would be a fantastic way to get my readers involved in supporting an independent artist as well as help me kick start my project!

Oh.. one thing I forgot to mention – you don’t have to pledge the amounts above! $5 goes a long way 🙂

So what can you do to help? Let’s say you pledged. (Thank you so much!) or let’s say you just can’t financially pledge right now, (I get it, trust me) you can help by sharing my blog here on your Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. If you have any readers in your life, specifically send them my page here or my blog as well. Just getting the word out helps tremendously.

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