Sun Gate – Character List – Finalized

You don’t think I’m going to tell you what the symbols mean, do you?

Character List – Sun Gate

Carter Robinson ξ
Peter Robinson

John Smith**ξ
Jack Freeman
Clifford Hoffman*ξ

Sergio Perez**
Amara Perez
Dr. Edward Nathaniel ‡

The Moretti’s
William Moretti*ξ
Ray Moretti ξ
Harold Moretti**ξ
Allison Moretti ξ
Gregory Moretti ξ
Kristy Moretti ξ
Yolanda Vermeer **(Housemaid)

Protection Detail
Stan Kirkpatrick ξ
Rafe Wallace
Peter St. Montgomery

The Zuni
Makalita ‡
Owana ‡

The Vaticates
Jibril Dekkers
Amelia Dekkers**
Luis Sulu ξ
Lala Bell

Protection Detail – Egypt
Patrick Sarayan ξ
Marie De Marcus
Kyra Kirkpatrick ξ
Logan Reed ξ
Femi Chalthoum ‡
Omar Mubarek**

Detective Samuel Flores
M.E. Dr. Asha Bankowski



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