Sun Gate teaser and Bohemian Grove giveaway

Stan was the first to make it inside the cabin. The phone incessantly rang as if it were urging him to pick up. When he did, only a crackling sound could be heard from the other side, and underneath that layer, a sound that even Stan couldn’t hear. Startling, dark whispers warning them. Warning them of impending death, chaos, and destruction – a warning that no one heard.
The next few hours passed in a whirl and Carter had all but forgotten about that phone call. But it nagged in her mind, struggling to break free. A tickling memory far in the back reaches of her thoughts. Only problem was that she wouldn’t bring that memory forth until it was too late.


  1. Love these teasers!!! Can’t wait for the next book!!!!

  2. Hi I am trying to enter this contest/giveaway i answered the first question but the second was only halfway displayed and i could not move it up or down could let me know how to enter the giveaway

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