Working synopsis for Masochists


Gage \ Geyj \  , proper noun; 1. a person with Gage syndrome.

Gage Syndrome: When a parasite has infected the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex. Inhibiting and consuming human morality and the consciousness that would cause a person to make ethical decisions.

Named after Phineas Gage of the nineteenth century who was the only known victim of the frontal lobe phenomena.

Origin: Mid Twenty-First Century; late Middle English  < Old North French  ( French jauge ) < Germanic




The apocalypse has arrived. Humanity is turned inside out as millions of people around the world become infected with Gage Syndrome. Only a handful of people are immune and those that are, are left to witness their entire race transform before their eyes. Gages take over society in the most macabre way, fulfilling their deepest and darkest desires with no thought of morality to stop them.
See through the eyes of the uninfected. goodVsEvil

Those like Marge, who must decide whether the fate of her daughter should lie in the hands of the Gages coming for them or if she should take her own childs life to stop them. See through the eyes of the infected. Those like Danny Ruiz, a doctor in the midst of transformation who is as fascinated by his own desires as he is by the results of fulfilling them.
The apocalypse has come and as you watch it unfold – you the reader, becomes the Masochist.



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  1. I am loving all that you have done so far! Look forward to reading more of your books!

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